IDM services & history

Industrial Data Management was founded in 2008 by a team of Professionals who have a over 100 years of combined experience in the Industrial Automation and Systems Integration Space with various vertical markets like Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain.

The company quickly grew and cemented itself as the new goldstandard in Systems Integration. Today we continue to build on that legacy and strive for excellence at everything we do. this meant expanding our offering into Turn-Key Solutions at scale for Oil and Gas, Engineering, Procurement, & Construction Companies (EPC's) and Manufacturing Vertical Markets

IDM people & culture

The IDM team comprises engineering and technical professionals skilled in delivering a full suite of services and expertise. This team is not only adept at commissioning but also provides a comprehensive lifecycle service, ensuring a lasting relationship with clients. IDM's flexibility allows its team to offer tailored solutions that accelerate business growth, enable innovation, and drive positive change with security at the forefront.

IDM holds certifications as a preferred integrator for several platforms and technologies, including the Ignition SCADA platform, Multiple SCADA and DCS Platforms, Tosibox devices and applications. IDM also provides expertise in Snowflake's data cloud, indicating our high level of certified expertise as a Snowflake Partner.

In summary, IDM's in-house team is a blend of engineering excellence and technical innovation, capable of delivering turnkey solutions that integrate seamlessly with client operations, enhancing efficiency, security, and business growth

IDM offers expertise:

Experienced Developers:

Skilled in SCADA and DCS platforms, track and trace systems, plant process controls, tank or batching legacy systems, and more.

Process Facility Automation Experts:

Specializing in compression and pipeline systems integration.

Certified Integrators:

Implementing critical system devices protocol for various systems including Measurement Fuel VRU, Amine Cryo Recovery Systems, ERP, and Maintenance Management Systems.

Data and Business Intelligence Specialists:

With expertise in platform integration across various industrial networks and protocols.