IDM offers advanced capabilities in harmonizing diverse industrial systems to function as a cohesive whole. Our expertise extends across Distributed Control Systems (DCS) for streamlined operations, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) for enhanced process control, intuitive Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) for real-time operator interaction, and comprehensive Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems for centralized asset management. Furthermore, our Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions unlock the potential of sensor data and advanced analytics for predictive insights and maintenance.


Systems Integration & Technologies


Process & Plant Optimization

IDM's services are engineered to unlock hidden potential within your operations. We leverage deep process knowledge, cutting-edge technologies, and data-driven insights to deliver comprehensive solutions that:

Boost Production: Identify and eliminate bottlenecks, optimize process parameters, and implement innovative approaches to increase throughput and product yield.

Reduce Costs: Minimize energy consumption, optimize resource utilization, and identify areas for material and maintenance cost savings.

Enhance Quality: Implement proactive measures to maintain consistent product quality and minimize non-conformance issues.

Improve Environmental Performance: Reduce emissions, optimize waste treatment, and implement sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact.


Electrical Construction

We offer electrical installation and service specializing in medium and low voltage systems including: Industrial Electric, building automation, fire alarm, electrical monitoring, lighting controls, and almost any industrial electric or mechanical application across multiple industries.

IDM brings a distinct advantage in the way we deliver electrical design/build and construction services. We have the support and resources of three (3) additional IDM Teams: Electrical Engineering, Controls Engineering, and Instrumentation and Controls Field Services. Our Teams come together to form an integrated approach that saves time and reduces costly project time and change orders.


Industrial IoT
IT/OT System Integration

Sensors, actuators, and intelligent devices become data powerhouses, seamlessly integrated into your ecosystem. We choose and implement the right platform to manage your IIoT devices, data flows, and applications.

Migrate your data and applications to the cloud, unlocking scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiencies. With unified data in the cloud, we help you:

Gain Real-Time Visibility:

Monitor device health, track key metrics, and react to anomalies in real-time, optimizing performance and preventing downtime.

Unlock Actionable Insights:

Leverage powerful analytics and AI to extract meaningful insights from your data, driving process improvements, product innovation, and predictive maintenance.

Boost Operational Efficiency:

Make data-driven decisions across your entire operation, from production planning to asset management, optimizing resource utilization and minimizing costs.

Embrace Future Innovation:

Build a future-proof platform for continuous innovation, easily integrating new technologies and expanding your data landscape.

IDM specializes in Industrial Data Integration work but boasts a wide portfolio covering Systems Integration, Process and Plant Optimization, and Industrial IoT Platform Integration across your IT/OT Enterprise
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person writing on white paper

Front End Engineering Design (FEED) plays a crucial role in the engineering process, serving as a critical phase that shapes the project's outcomes in terms of technical detail, cost estimation, and scheduling. Industrial Data Management (IDM) offers extensive support during this initial stage, providing detailed engineering and design services that lay a solid foundation for the success of EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) projects:

Detailed Process Design:

IDM's expertise in FEED begins with the development of comprehensive process flow diagrams (PFDs) and piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs). These diagrams are crucial for detailing the integrated process operations and the interlocking safety systems, ensuring that every aspect of the plant design is considered.

System Specifications and Integration:

IDM can deliver instrument design datasheets, control system specifications, and systems I/O sizing which are essential for the procurement and installation phases. IDM ensures integration seamlessly into the overall system architecture.

Technical and Economic Evaluation:

IDM conducts heat and material balance studies and equipment sizing and selection, which are vital for determining the project’s feasibility and for future detailed engineering phases.

Risk Management and Cost Control:

By addressing potential design and integration risks early in the project lifecycle, IDM minimizes costly revisions and delays during the construction phase. The FEED stage includes a detailed analysis of potential issues that could impact the project timeline and budget, allowing for informed decision-making and better control over project costs.

Engineering Services


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